Advanced Trainings

My Doula certification training was fabulous!! The courses were excellent at equipping me to support labouring, birthing and postpartum moms in amazing ways. However, as a passionate learner, I continue to pursue further training in many specialized areas to better serve clients in the transition from pregnancy to successful parenthood. How does this help you? Read on….


Advanced Comfort Techniques

The title of this course speaks for itself! For this training I travelled to beautiful Kelowna, BC to learn (and practice hands on with other doulas!) many techniques to relax and bring labour comfort to birthing moms. The client benefit? If you are planning a natural, drug free birth or simply looking for ways to manage pain until your epidural, these techniques can assist you in achieving your goals. Contact me to discuss your desires for birth here!


Advanced Postpartum Topics

Who knew there were so many issues that could pop up postpartum, many of which are not talked about? If you're concerned and/or embarrassed to find help for any of these topics, contact me for a safe, “motherly’ space to connect, get support and information on:


  • pelvic health & wellness - can include anything from incontinence, prolapse, sexual functions, diastasis recti, to any form of pelvic pain.

  • postpartum sex & relationships - all issues surrounding physical, emotional, energy, expectations, relationship challenges and intimacy are open for discussion and confidential support!!

  • mood concerns - all things “emotional” covered here!!

  • sleep concerns and solutions - probably the most common concern postpartum!



Breastfeeding Protocols for Health Care Providers

Something that should be so natural can still present so many challenges! If you are contemplating breastfeeding your baby and have questions, or you are already breastfeeding but have concerns or issues, contact me for the support and encouragement you need for the many challenges that can come with feeding your baby! This training coupled with 20+ years of breastfeeding experience has taught me a thing or two that may be helpful for you. :-)


Advanced Business for Doulas

Though primarily for me, the client benefit? Clarity of scope, clear contracts, and professional treatment.


Holistic Practices

Many people are looking for ways to incorporate a more holistic lifestyle into their pregnancy and parenting experience. From emotional and physical wellness to environmental and social well being, I have a smorgasbord of possibilities you can integrate for a more holistic and natural approach to your lifestyle. Good for you and your whole family!

Birth Trauma

Coming Soon!