What Is A Doula?

Simply put, a doula is your best friend for birth! She is a compassionate woman with experience, knowledge, and training in birthing who comes alongside a labouring mom to provide encouragement, respect, comfort measures and emotional safety to empower her to birth well. A doula listens, helps reduce anxiety, and provides a calming presence at one of life’s most significant and emotionally intense experiences. She is care, strength and tenderness all rolled into one and she’s exactly what you need when labouring to bring your little one into the world!


A Doula is a non medical professional and

does not attend to medical needs but focuses primarily on the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the mom and partner. She does not take the place of the Dr/OBGYN/midwife or partner but instead supports all of these roles and is an important part of the birth team.

Why DO I Need A Doula?

Studies have consistently shown that births have..

  •      25% shorter labour
  •      60% reduction in epidural requests
  •      50% reduction in Caesarean rate
  •      40% reduction in oxytocin use
  •      40% reduction in forceps delivery
  •      30% reduction in analgesia use
  •      34% more likely to rate birth experience positively


 …with a Doula in attendance.

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