How Does This Work?

First let’s meet for coffee and talk about your thoughts and desires for your upcoming birth. At this free, no-obligation meeting, we can chat about the options available to you, what I can offer to support you, and any questions you may have regarding my assistance.

If it feels like a good fit for both of us and you decide to employ my services, we would connect for two more prenatal meetings to get to know each other, discuss any concerns you or your partner may have, and together prepare your plan for the birth of your baby. I would be available for support by text, e-mail, and occasional phone calls and be on call 24/7 from two weeks prior to your due date until the birth. I will join you when you are in labour and we both agree that it’s time for me to be there! I will provide continuous support through your labour with information, encouragement and comfort measures until your baby has arrived. I will remain with your family up to 2 hours following delivery to make sure you are comfortable, settled and bonding as a new family! Within a couple weeks I will connect with you again for one more visit to see how you’re managing, process your birth experience, and pass on any resources that might be helpful to you.