What is a virtual Doula?

I love supporting families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum! Technology is an amazing way to access this support from anywhere in the world. You can enjoy the same connection, informational and emotional support that my local clients do, minus me physically attending your birth. Virtual doula services include all of my regular prenatal and postpartum sessions which take place via Skype or FaceTime as well as unlimited text and email support. You can also call me when you are in labour! 


Who would benefit from a virtual doula?

  •  If you live in an area where you cannot access physical doula services or you haven’t found someone you connect with and feel comfortable with
  • If you are wanting the informational and emotional support of a doula through your pregnancy but are more private and not wanting someone to actually attend your birth
  • If dad is really wanting to be the only support person during birth but isn’t exactly sure what to do or how to support the pregnancy and postpartum and would like coaching
  • If finances are a concern and you’d like a lower cost option - a virtual doula package is 1/2 the regular package price
  • you love me and want me to be a part of your pregnancy but don’t live here!

Interested? Reach out and let’s set up a free, no obligation, virtual coffee date where we can chat about your needs and how I can best support you! (Feel free to wear your pyjamas!)